Why are Promotional Bags so popular?

tote bag

Promotional bags are a fantastic marketing tool to create brand awareness. They are incredibly versatile and cost-effective and they have become a very popular product used across many promotional campaigns. But why so popular? 

1) Eco-Friendly: promotional bags are the perfect reusable alternative to single-use plastic bags, to reduce waste and save the environment. 

2) Cost-effective: with so many options to choose from, bags are the perfect choice for any budget, from the low-cost non-woven tote bags to the more premium canvas bags.

3) Highly customisable: bags are the perfect canvas for any design with their large printing area.

4) Highly visible: everyone has, at least, one promotional bag at home or in the office. We use them on a daily basis and they are amazing at displaying the brand and make it noticeable.

promotional bags stats

A 2019 study from the Advertising Specialty Institute found out that:

– 73% of consumers own promotional bags,

– Promotional bags are kept on average of 11 months,

– Promotional bags generate 3,300 impressions throughout their lifetime,

– A bag that costs $5 will have a CPI of under 2/10 of a cent per impression,

– 50% of consumers are more likely to do business with the advertiser that gave them the promo bag,

– 84% of baby boomers report owning a promotional bag.

With these stats, it’s time to think about getting some bags for your next promotional campaign! Contact us now to learn more!

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