Improving the Employees Onboarding Experience with Custom Branded Merch


A great onboarding experience increases employee retention and results in the likelihood of about 70% of employees staying with a company for at least three years. Having a structured onboarding process is fundamental to the creation of this great experience, and gifting your new employees with an amazing welcome pack is what will make that experience truly memorable.

Creating a swag pack is the perfect way to welcome new hires, make them feel part of the team and create a deep connection with the brand and the company. It helps promote the company’s culture, increase their engagement and sense of belonging. It sets them up for success!

Putting together your welcome kits might seem overwhelming. What we do is to take the stress away from the process! We will help you select the best products for your employees, we will take care of the personalisation of each product, we will assemble, store and deliver the kits, when and where you need.

Here are some great ideas to be included in your welcome pack!


Office Accessories

Include something useful in your pack. From notebooks, to pens, sticky notes, business cards, mouse mats. They will be perfect on your new employee’s desk!

desk accessories

WFH Accessories

The Covid pandemic changed the rules. More and more new hires start their journey at a new company working remotely. Something fun that can be used at home is always a winner! What do you think about custom socks?

, Improving the Employees Onboarding Experience with Custom Branded Merch, HeyPromo

Wearable Merch

Branded clothing encourages your employee to represent your company and became ambassadors of your brands. Hoodies, t-shirts and caps are our favorites!

heypromo tshirt

Technology Products

A good set of earphones, a nice power bank or a phone charging station are always appreciated.

phone charger


Backpacks or laptop bags are among our best-selling items in our employee packs. You employees carry them everywhere, they are super useful for them and great brand exposure for your business.

laptop bag


Encourage your staff to stay hydrated and be environmentally friendly at the same time.

bottle and cup in cardboard box

Get in touch today and let’s create your onboarding packs!

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