How Promotional Products can help you for your next Tradeshow!

Are you planning your next tradeshow and you are not sure if promotional products are needed? The straight answer is YES! But with so many options, how to choose the most effective product? Numbers speak louder than words, so take a look at the latest industry stats from PPAI Promotional Products Association International.

If free promotional products are handed out by an advertiser at an event or tradeshow, research shows that almost 70% of the interviewed would pick up a promotional product if they found it to be useful.

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Consumers are inundated with advertising messages and the challenge for businesses is find a way to cut through the clutter and to not only reach their target audience, but to resonate with them. And, according to survey respondents, promotional products do just that.

Tradeshows are a fantastic way to attract and introduce your company to potential new customers. Making sure that useful giveaways are available will draw attention to your booth and will be an helpful tool for your sales team to engage with potential clients.

Stay tuned for awesome merch ideas for your next tradeshow!

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