The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a system used to standardise colours and help in colour identification and matching. Each colour is numbered so that designers, printers and manufacturers can easily reference specific colours or replicate them perfectly, in order to ensure consistency across the entire branding. Pantone colours can also be referred to as PMS colours or Spot colours. All colours available in the system can be found on the Pantone’s website or, even better, in their printed guides.

We ask you to provide your Pantone colours to ensure we will print exactly the colours of your branding in order to be consistent across all your collaterals. Keep in mind that the colours you see on the Pantone’s website might differ from the true colours as shown on their official printed guides, due to different settings of your screen. Always check with your design team or with whoever designed your logo to confirm the correct Pantone colours.

Need help? If you are unsure, our Design Team will be happy to assist you. Contact us

There are two types of files: Raster and Vector

Raster: A raster file is made of pixels and different colour shades that, when combined together, form an image. If a raster image is enlarged, it will lose resolution and become pixelated.
Common file extensions for raster files: .jpeg, .png, .bmp

Vector: A vector file is created based on mathematical equations. It is made of lines, points, shapes and curves, in specific colour values and with all fonts converted to outlines. In this format, the artwork can be resized infinitely (smaller or larger) without losing its quality.
Common file extensions for vector files: .ai, .eps, .pdf

A vector file ensures the highest quality decoration, giving your artwork the possibility of being resized without losing resolution.

You can ask your design department or the designer who designed the logo to send through your logo in a vector format (with all fonts converted to outlines).

Need help? If you don’t have your logo in a vector format, don’t worry! Our design team will be happy to help you and get it redrawn. Contact us

To guarantee the best decoration we require you to provide us with your artwork in a vector format. Common file extensions for vector files: .ai, .eps, .pdf.

Getting a quote is very quick and easy!

There are so many variables when quoting branded products, like the type of product, the decorating method, the delivery details, and so on. But we want to provide you with the most accurate quote in the quickest way. Select your preferred products from our wide online range, add them to your enquiry basket and respond to few simple questions that will allow us to quote you accurately. Our Sales team will send through a quotation within 2 hours. Need it faster or you can’t find online what you are looking for? Not a problem! We have a team of experts ready to help you with all your branding needs! Contact us

Within 48 hours from payment receipt, our Art Department will send through a formal artwork proof for you to review and approve. It is during this stage that you will be able to confirm or amend details of your custom products before going into production (in some occasions a pre-production sample will be provided for an additional check). Once you are 100% happy then our Production Team will go ahead with mass production and provide you with an ETA of your products. When your custom products are ready to leave our warehouse, our Dispatch Team will send through an email with the tracking details and will follow your delivery until it’s in your hands! Need additional information about an order you have placed? Get in touch now! 

Unless you are an account holder, all our invoices must be paid prior to production. Below are our payment options:
1) via Direct Deposit, to the following:
Account name: Hey Promo
BSB: 012-030
Account number: 642769559
(please quote invoice number as reference)

2) via Credit Card on our secure online payment portal following the link on your invoice (we only accept Visa and Mastercard. Payment will attract a 2.5% merchant fee which will be automatically added to the final amount due).

3) via Cheque, to be sent to Hey Promo, PO BOX 242, Newtown NSW 2042

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